Why doesn't the touch screen respond when I tap it in my Nokia N97, N97 mini or C6-00 phone?

If there is no response when tapping the touch screen, check the following:

  1. Check that the device is not locked. When the device is locked, you must use the lock switch to unlock and wake up the screen.
  2. If the device is not locked but only the display light time-out has expired and the display has dimmed (a situation which may occur if Keypad autolock feature has been disabled), the touch screen can be woken up by pressing any mechanical keys like menu key, volume keys, camera key or the lock key (lock key needs to be pressed twice because the first press of the key will lock the device).
  3. If in a phone call, check that the proximity detector at the upper front corner of the device is not covered. The proximity sensor will lock the touch screen to avoid unintended touch screen actions during a phone call when placing the device next to your ear. Check that the proximity detector is not covered if trying to use the touch screen while a phone call is active. 
  4. Remove the battery and reboot the phone.
  5. If there is a memory card in the phone, try booting up without the memory card.
  6. If your phone supports touch screen calibration, try to re-calibrate the touch screen (select Settings > Phone > Touch input > Touch screen calibration).

If the touch screen doesn't yet respond, try restoring the factory settings. If you cannot access the factory settings menu via the touch screen (Settings > Phone > Phone mgmt. > Factory settings), try entering the following reset commands via the keyboard. Before resetting the device, take a backup of your phone via Nokia Suite.

  • *#7780# (try this first, it will do a soft reset).
  • *#7370# (try this if the above command doesn't help, this command will do a hard reset).

If the touch screen is not yet working properly, take the phone to Nokia care point for inspection.