How to get more free space in the phone memory of my Nokia N97 device?

If your Nokia N97 device is showing messages like "Memory full. Delete or move some data from C: Phone memory" or "Memory low. Delete or move some data from C: Phone memory", you can try to increase the amount of free phone memory (C: Phone memory) as described below.

With phone software version 20.x.019 and later it is possible to free some memory by running the Memory reorganiser application. The application will move some of the data files and applications from C: Phone memory to E: Mass memory.  The application is available for downloading via the SW Update application for version 20.x.019 and later. If an older phone software version is in use, the software must be upgraded first. The current software version can be checked by typing in the command *#0000#.

Memory reorganiser can be run in the following way:

  1. Select Menu > Applications > SW Update.
  2. Select Memory reorganiser.
  3. Select Options > Start Update.
  4. After the installation is finished, start the application by selecting Menu > Applications > Reorganiser.

When the reorganisation of the memory has been completed, the Memory reorganiser application will remove itself automatically.

If Memory reorganiser is not available via SW Update menu, the memory reorganisation may already have been performed in your device. This can be checked in Menu > Settings > Application mgr. > Installed apps. where the application Reorganiser Uninstaller can be found if the reorganisation has already been completed.

If the Memory reorganiser is not available for your device or it doesn't help, check the following:

  1. Clear the web browser cache to release memory used by the cache (in web browser, select Options > Clear privacy data > Cache).
  2. If you have your own files stored in C: Phone memory, move them to E: Mass memory with File Manager application (to start File Manager, select Menu > Applications > Office > File mgr.).
  3. Check that the captured photos are not stored in phone memory (in Camera application, check Options > Settings > Memory in use).
  4. With File Manager application, check that there are no photos and music files stored in C: Phone memory. 
  5. If you have applications installed in phone memory, remove the applications that are not needed, or move them to mass memory by removing and reinstalling the application (select Menu > Settings > Application mgr. > Installed apps. to check and uninstall the applications).
  6. With File Manager, check the folder Video clips in C: Phone memory and move the videos to E: Mass memory (e.g. home_screen.mp4 if it is there).
  7. If still low on the phone memory, change the messaging memory from C: Phone memory to E: Mass memory in Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Other > Memory in use. (Note that the messaging memory will switch back to C: Phone memory and you need to set this again if you connect the device to PC in Mass storage mode).
  8. The calendar entries, contacts and notes reside in the phone memory. Remove the objects which are not needed.
  9. If using Nokia Messaging email client (Nokia Email) and if there are a lot of messages in your mailbox, select that Headers only or Headers plus are by default downloaded to your device (to control the email download  size, select in Nokia Messaging client Options > Tools > Settings > What to sync > Inbox > Email download size).


The available free phone memory can be viewed in File Manager by selecting Menu > Applications > Office > File mgr. and checking the free memory status of C: Phone memory. The memory usage details can be viewed by selecting C: Phone memory > Options >  Details > Memory.

If it is not possible to release enough memory and it's desired to restore the device to the original state, the device can be reset by typing *#7370# in standby mode. Before the device is reset, you need to provide the lock code. The default lock code is 12345. Resetting the device will permanently erase all user data and settings as well as add-on applications and operator specific settings. The mass memory (E:) and memory card (F:) contents will be preserved. It is recommended to take a backup before resetting the device.