How can I configure my device to automatically accept synchronization via Bluetooth without asking for confirmation?

In order for the device to accept synchronization via Bluetooth without confirmation we should configure both sync settings and Bluetooth settings in the following way:

Sync settings

  1. Depending on device navigate to Sync connection settings: Menu > Tools > Sync > PC Suite > Edit sync profile > Connection settings.
  2. Check the following:
  • Data Bearer: Bluetooth
  • Host Address: PC Suite
  • User name: None
  • Password: None
  • Allow Sync Requests: Yes
  • Accept all sync requests: Yes

Bluetooth settings

  1. Go to Menu > Connectivity > Bluetooth
  2. Switch to Paired device window
  3. Select Customer Computer "xyz"
  4. Click Options > Set as authorized. A message will appear: "Connections will take place automatically without confirmation. Continue?". 
  5. Select "Yes"