After updating the software on my phone I get an Application Error when starting the Nokia Browser

In some rare occasions after updating the phone software via Nokia Suite, when you try to run Nokia Browser you may receive an Application Error message and if you check the details there will be a Number Format exception. To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a fully up to date backup of your phone taken with Nokia Suite.
  2. Factory reset your phone (for many devices you can use the *#7370# but please check your device user guide for exact steps)
  3. After the phone restarts open Nokia Browser on your phone and go to
  4. From the above URL download and install the latest version of Nokia Browser. Than open the browser at least once.
  5. Connect your phone to Nokia Suite and restore the latest backup.

This topic is valid for:

Nokia C3,Nokia C3,Nokia C2,Nokia X3,Nokia X2-01,Nokia 6350,Nokia 5130