Battery running out and no wall outlet or charger nearby? Use the camera grip to charge your phone.

Use your camera grip to charge your phone in the correct temperature: -10°C – +60°C.

  1. Connect your phone to the camera grip. The camera grip charges your phone automatically.

    The indicator lights switch on for 3 seconds, showing you the remaining camera grip battery level, and switch off while charging. You can press the power indicator key to check the remaining battery level. If the indicator light closest to charger connector blinks fast, the power from the camera grip has been transferred to the phone, and the camera grip battery is running low. You may need to recharge the camera grip.

    Check your phone for the charging progress. The charging time varies based on your phone usage.

Charge your phone and camera grip together

  1. Connect a compatible USB cable to the charger connector on the camera grip, and charge both your phone and camera grip from the wall outlet or a computer.

    Your phone charges first if the camera grip has sufficient power. If not, the camera grip charges itself first for a few minutes. Once your phone battery is full, the camera grip begins charging itself automatically, and the indicator lights switch on, showing you the progress.

    Charger connector is on right side of camera grip, and micro-USB plug is inside of it.

Stop and resume charging your phone with the camera grip

  1. Press the power indicator key for at least 3 seconds. All the battery indicator lights blink twice and the charging stops. The camera key remains operational. Repeat this step to resume charging.

    The camera grip automatically resumes charging your phone every time they are connected, or when the camera grip is connected to a wall charger or computer.

    To completely switch off your phone while connected to the camera grip, stop charging your phone first.