Curious how to use the camera grip to take a photo or record a video with your phone? Read on and learn how.

Your camera grip is optimized for right-handed usage.

  1. Connect your phone to the camera grip.
  2. Press the camera key on the camera grip to switch on your phone's camera.

    If your phone is locked, press and hold the camera key.

  3. Select the camera mode you want to use.
  4. Press the camera key.

    When taking a photo, press and hold the camera key halfway down to focus. To take the photo, press the camera key down fully.

    To get a comfortable and secure hold on your phone and camera grip, attach the wrist strap to your phone, and pull it out through the camera grip.

    For more info on taking photos or recording videos, see your phone’s user guide.

    With front of camera grip facing you, wrist strap hole is at lower right corner.