Upload data from your Symbian phone

Keep your photos safe in SkyDrive.

  1. Select the content you want to upload to SkyDrive.
  2. Start the upload. Your contacts and photos are uploaded to Windows Live People and SkyDrive > All photos respectively.

By default, to speed up the upload, your photos are scaled down to max. 719x719 resolution before upload, which affects their quality if, for example, you print them later. If you want to preserve the quality of your photos, you can change the setting in Settings.

Scaled-down images cannot be updated to or replaced with full-resolution images after you've uploaded them to SkyDrive.

Uploading large images over a slow network connection might affect the overall performance of your phone.

Selected photos and contacts are uploaded to SkyDrive once only, even if you later remove them from SkyDrive.

If you change the details of a contact after uploading it to SkyDrive for the first time, not all changes may be updated. New contacts and changes in First name, Surname, and Company are updated the next time you upload contacts.