Nokia X3-02 - How can I use VoIP internet calls in my Series 40 device?

To use VoIP from your device subscribe first to VoIP service and get a user account from your service provider. Then you can receive then the SIP VoIP settings from your service provider to your device for example via an SMS message or you can use the built in Internet telephone setup wizard by selecting Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Internet Telephone > Accounts > Add new (or Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Internet Telephone > Connect in some models).

After the VoIP settings have been provisioned, the VoIP service will appear in Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Internet Telephone > Accounts. To activate the service, select it from Internet Telephone > Accounts when under the coverage of the VoIP network (e.g. your home WLAN network or 3G). Your device will then register to the SIP server.

The VoIP service can be deactivated by selecting  Voice call only in Menu > Settings > Call > Call type setting.

When the VoIP service is activated, the internet calls can be placed in the following ways:

  • In Dialler by typing in the number and selecting Options > Call > Internet call.
  • If Menu > Settings > Call > Call type setting is Internet call only or Prefer net call, the internet call is automatically established when pressing the dial button.
  • In Contacts menu by opening the contact and selecting Internet Call.

To verify that the call is a VoIP call, check the icon in the telephony view. VoIP call is indicated by an icon with a handset and a globe.