When you are signed into an internet call service, you can make internet calls.

For availability and costs of internet calls, contact your internet call service provider.

The Net phone wizard helps you set up your account. Have your account information from your internet call service provider available before you start the wizard.

Set up your internet telephone account

  1. Make sure a valid SIM card is inserted, and that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi.

  2. Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Internet phone > Accounts.

  3. Select Add new.

  4. Select an account and Connect, and follow the instructions.

When the wizard has finished, your account is displayed in the accounts list.

If the internet telephone settings do not work, contact your service provider.

Call a contact

  1. Select Menu > Contacts and Names and a contact.

  2. Select Internet call.

Call a phone number

Enter the phone number, and select Options > Internet call.

For emergency calls, only the cellular network is used.

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