3 simple steps to recycle your old phone

recycle_1 Get over your old phone

Saying goodbye to your old phone might be hard but it's worth it. If every mobile phone user recycled just one phone, together we would save nearly 240,000 tonnes of raw materials.

recycle_2 Back up your memories

Recycling your old Nokia phone is completely safe. None of the data in the phone will be used or stored. We recommend saving your contacts, texts, photos, music and videos to your computer before saying goodbye. (Find instructions here.)

recycle_3b Set your old phone free – recycle it!

You can recycle your old mobile device, battery or accessory via our free mail in program. It’s as simple as that! Follow the instructions and fill out the form below:

Recycle your Nokia (PDF)

Find out more about corporate social responsibility

Learn more about Microsoft hardware environmental compliance

To restore the settings and delete user data: This will reset the factory settings and remove all of the customers personal data, including Contacts, Images, Messages, Call Logs, etc…At the main idle screen, enter code *#7370#, click Yes to continue > enter lock code (12345 is the default lock code unless changed by the user) Please note that all user data (included applications installed by the user) will be removed.

See more information about cell phone recycling at www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/materials/ecycling/donate.htm.


  • Please visit eRecycle.org for more information on how and where to return, reuse, and recycle electronic devices in California.
  • Visite por favor eRecycle.org para más información sobre cómo y donde entregar, reutilizar, y reciclar los dispositivos electrónicos en California.


For more information on how and where to recycle your Booklet 3G in Illinois, please visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website at: www.epa.state.il.us/land/electronic-waste-recycling/index.html.


We encourage all of our customers to recycle their used electronics. All waste computer monitors, portable computers, digital picture frames, televisions, portable DVD players, desktop printers, and video game consoles generated by households in Maine must be recycled. Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle e-waste in your area. For more information about Maine’s electronic waste law, please visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website at www.maine.gov/dep/rwm/ewaste/index.htm.


We encourage all of our customer to recycle their used electronics. Please fill out the postage paid return label, print and affix to any box or envelope for free responsible recycling. Should you need a shipping container, please call toll free 877-814-2620 and one will be sent to you free of charge. For additional questions regarding Nokia’s recycling program, please contact Nokia toll free at 888-665-4228. For more information about Maryland’s eCycling program please visit www.mde.state.md.us/eCycling.


Nokia is in no way responsible or liable for any information left on computer equipment recycled under this program. You should remove any and all information from your computer before sending it to Nokia.

Nokia Annual Report for Computer Equipment Collection, Recycling, and Refuse for the Commonwealth of Virginia (PDF)

Instructions for data removal: Hold down the F8 key as your computer starts. You need to press the F8 before the operating system logo appears. If the operating system logo appears, try again. In the Advance Boot Option screen, use the arrow keys to select Advance Boot Options > Repair your Computer. Completing these steps will remove all of your data from the Booklet 3G.In the Advance Boot Option screen, use the arrow keys to select Advance Boot Options > Repair your Computer.This process will remove all data from your computer.

West Virgina

For additional recycling information, please contact Nokia toll free at 888-665-4228.

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