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Microsoft Technology Centers
Experience the Microsoft Cloud

Experience the Microsoft cloud at the MTC

Technology initiatives can transform your business, but they can also stall or end in disaster. How can you ensure your technology investments payoff by creating new businesses, enabling your employees to be more productive or open new channels to engage with your customers?

At the MTC, we will help you find the right solutions to transform your business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

With over 40 locations around the globe, the MTCs bring together the right resources to help you explore the potential impact of cloud, mobile & social solutions to your business.

People: The MTC staff are experts in Microsoft solutions. Their tenure in the industry ensures they will effectively guide your team to rapidly find solutions to your technology challenges.

Partners: The MTCs have formed alliances with industry leaders who provide comprehensive resources, including hardware, software, and services to explore during your engagements.

Place: The MTC environment provides rich interactive and immersive experiences for you to learn first-hand how Microsoft and partner technologies can help you take on your most difficult challenges.

Come experience the Microsoft cloud with us.

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Participate in a tailored envisioning session with powerful demos and scenarios, followed by tailored technology drill-downs.

Design Session

A custom briefing that includes a hands-on environment where you can experience Microsoft's platform and solutions firsthand!


This session includes architectural guidance and preferred practices while mapping out the solution architecture including risk analysis.


Workshops enable you to immerse yourself in a technology through a mixture of briefings and hands-on experiences.

MTC Locations

Real solutions, real impact, real world.

  • Spending that time at the MTC easily saved us weeks of deciding how to do what we needed to do. It really jump-started our efforts and saved time during design and implementation phases to keep us quickly moving forward.
  • Jeff Saxon

    Director of Information Systems, Websense

  • Because the MTC experience gave us such a thorough understanding of what we were doing, we could eliminate all the time we otherwise would have spend trying figure everything out on our own. We got immediate confirmation that everything worked, so there was no need to develop a Plan B,C, or D.
  • Keith Roller

    Senior Vice President of Product Development &
    Professional Services, Symon Communications

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