Welcome to the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Moscow. We invite you to learn more about our facility and the resources that can help overcome your most complex business challenges.

SHEREMETIEVO 2 (SVO): From Airport join Leningradskoe shosse southbound. Take Leningrandsky prospect down to the end. Turn right to Tverskaya Zastava square. Make a round turn at the Square. Cross Leningradsky prospect at right angles to Lesnaya Street.

DOMODEDOVO (DME): Exit Airport via M4 Road. Drive via Kashirskoye shosse up to 3rd Ring Road. Take right and proceed North. Follow Suschevsky Val to end. Turn left to Novoslobodskaya drive southbond. Turn right to Lesnaya Street.

VNUKOVO (VKO): From Airport via Kievskoe shosse. Join Leninsky Prospect. Turn left to 3rd Ring Road. Follow signs for Leningradsky prospect. Turn right at Tverskaya Zastava Square. Cross Leningradsky prospect at right angles.


5th Floor, 9, St. Lesnaya
Business Center "White Gardens"
Moscow, Russia
+7 495 7898440