This custom session focuses on your business objectives and aligns them with specific applications of Microsoft software to help you not only meet your goals, but also capitalize on them. We’ll provide architectural guidance, consultationon preferred practices, and risk analysis to chief technology officers, architects, and senior members of your development team.


"Spending that time at the MTC easily saved us weeks of deciding how to do what we needed to do. It really jump-started our efforts and saved time during design and implementation phases to keep us quickly moving forward." --Jeff Saxon, Director of Information Systems, Websense

"The time that I spent at the MTC was a valuable investment in both myself and my company because it fostered a strategic outlook that helps us with future planning as well as immediate needs." --Troy Veilleux, Administrative Director of Technical Services, HealthCare Partners

"Because the MTC experience gave us such a thorough understanding of what we were doing, we could eliminate all the time we otherwise would have spent trying figure everything out on our own. We got immediate confirmation that everything worked, so there was no need to develop a Plan B, C, or D." --Keith Roller, Senior Vice President of Product Development & Professional Services, Symon Communications