In this multi week, in-depth workshop, our architects work closely with key members of your technical staff to transfer knowledge and prove out customized solutions. This workshop may also include detailed demos and training sessions. Your team will have a private, secure, and fully loaded development suite that’s preconfigured prior to their arrival.


"By taking advantage of the MTC, we cut a significant percentage of the possible overall project timeline. It took us three business days working at the MTC to produce what would have taken us a month to do on our own. Plus, we saved more than 50 percent on project development costs." --Keith Roller, Senior Vice President of Product Development & Professional Services, Symon Communications

"We would have had to purchase or lease hardware and either make space for it or rent a testing facility, all of which would have been expensive propositions. The no-cost MTC experience helped us go further, faster, than we could have done on our own." --Charles Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing, Brainware

"The Microsoft Technology Center [MTC] has truly become an extension of our Product Development Team. We have worked together to meet and advance our product objectives, which ultimately benefits our customers. The MTC team is a group of bright, energetic professionals who have an extensive depth of knowledge and a genuine willingness to share their expertise with our developers to create outstanding products." --Karen Yamamoto, President, Decision Research Corporation