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Wikipedia App Puts an Encyclopedia in Your Pocket
April 11, 2013
This fan favorite has hit the big time.

With a perfect 5-star average rating in the store, the Wikipedia app for Windows Phone has long been a grassroots favorite, and after winning against some very tough competition in the Windows Phone Next App Star contest, this full-featured app is now headed for Hollywood via a prime-time Windows Phone TV ad in the U.S.

The man behind the app is French developer Rudy Huyn, a self-described “Windows Phone addict” who has built more than 45 apps. Wikipedia may well be his magnum opus, with impressive functionality ranging from seamless speech recognition to location awareness to the ability to search in 100 different languages.

Watch this brief video over on the Windows Phone Blog to learn more about Rudy Huyn and the Wikipedia app, then check out more finalists from the Next App Star contest in the Windows Phone store.

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