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KinectHealth Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals
April 17, 2013
Stay fit with a little help from this app, your friends and the cloud.

Think of KinectHealth as your mobile fitness studio. It’s a gym, personal trainer and fitness tracker, all in one friendly package for your Windows 8 PC, tablet or all-in-one.

Available exclusively on Windows 8, and powered by Windows Azure Mobile and Media Services, the app has a library of videos for solo workouts, as well as a smart webcam feature that lets you invite other friends to exercise with you. It’s also easy to keep track of your workouts and share your fitness goals thanks to clever use of Windows 8 features like the app’s Share charm and live tile.

The KinectHealth app is free to download in the Windows Store with the option to purchase when you buy a monthly subscription for US$14.99 that scores you access to 24 new workout routines each month.

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