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Galactic Reign: Become Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy
March 14, 2013
In Galactic Reign for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, users battle each other for complete control of the galaxy.

Experience epic battles in a quest to conquer the galaxy in Galactic Reign, a game of tactics and strategy for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Assemble a fleet of starships and take command, and then choose a species to man the ships and customize them with weapons such as torpedoes and laser fire. Expand your fleet with vital resources harvested from nearby planets while battling other admirals for control of three key planets in the system and ultimate domination of the galaxy.

Galactic Reign provides seamless gameplay across your desktop and phone, so you can easily switch between the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions without losing your place. Just as cool is the ability to share out video clips of your killer moves with friends via social sites including Facebook and YouTube.

Get the trial version of Galactic Reign and you can experience the full first level of gameplay free.

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