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Hulu Plus brings you the best in TV and film
May 09, 2013
Take your favorite movies and shows with you anywhere you go.

With Hulu Plus, you can stream content anytime from a massive and current catalog of TV shows and movies. Now that the popular app is available on Windows Phone as well as Windows 8 and Xbox 360, you can access all that entertainment anywhere you go.

The new Windows Phone app lets you pin Hulu Plus to your Start screen and get Live Tile updates about new content or your favorite show. You can also set up Hulu Plus to update your Lock screen wallpaper for even faster glance-and-go updates. Fire up the app on your phone during your morning bus ride and it will even remember where you left off in that movie you started on your Xbox last night. (For more apps that work seamlessly across Microsoft platforms, have a look at Windows Phone’s “Better Together” collection.)

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