Aug. 20, 2014
Stay up to date on the latest in pop culture news, fashion and blockbuster movies. MTV on Xbox One delivers sneak peeks, bonus clips, recent full episodes from select MTV series with a TV subscription and lots more.

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I’ll take ‘Jeopardy!’ for Windows PCs and tablets, Alex!
Aug. 13
Cool touches let you feel like you’re right there with Trebek.
Don’t miss Syfy Now app on Xbox One
Aug. 6
Watch “Sharknado 2” and episodes of most shows for free the day after they air.
Get rewards by watching TV, listening to music
July 30
Redeem at, Best Buy, Gap, JCPenney and more.
Battle space villains for the ultimate weapon
July 23
Just in time for the release of the Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
Don't miss a laugh
July 16
Comedy Central apps bring “Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report” and more – right to your device.
Wage war to save a battle-scarred world
July 9
Take on an ancient, evil spirit in "Order & Chaos Duels" for Windows Phone.