The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit is an international legal and technical team working with partners to help create a safe digital world.  Our team is comprised of more than 100 attorneys, investigators, and forensic analysts around the globe, with expertise across the areas of malware, botnets, IP crimes, and technology-facilitated child exploitation.

Sept. 29, 2014
New agreement will provide intelligence into the global threat landscape affecting the financial services industry, including distributed denial of service attacks and financial botnet attacks.


Organized crime costs global enterprises more than $315 billion annually
March 19
New study reports on link between software piracy and malware.
Microsoft teams with global leaders to fight cybercrime
Feb. 20
Digital Crimes Unit hosted the first annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit, which brought together more than 60 leaders and experts from law enforcement, academia and the private sector.
Microsoft announces three new global partnerships in fight against cybercrime
Feb. 12
Microsoft signs agreements with the Organization of American States, Europol, and FIS to increase cooperation during the company’s first annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit.