The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit is an international legal and technical team working with partners to help create a safe digital world.  Our team is comprised of more than 100 attorneys, investigators, and forensic analysts around the globe, with expertise across the areas of malware, botnets, IP crimes, and technology-facilitated child exploitation.


ZeroAccess criminals wave white flag: Partnerships prevail
Dec. 19
Microsoft shares that the ZeroAccess disruption effort has been successful and it appears that the criminals have abandoned their botnet.
Microsoft, partners disrupt ZeroAccess botnet
Dec. 5
How Microsoft worked with law enforcement and technology industry leaders to take action against a botnet that hijacks searches and exploits search engines.
Technology and the fight against child sex trafficking
Sept. 10
Microsoft reflects on a conversation with leading academic researchers discussing data and insights that could inform potential technologies to help combat child sex trafficking.
Public-private partnerships essential to fighting cybercriminals
July 25
Microsoft reflects on yesterday’s @Microsoft Breakfast Conversation which focused on the role of public-private partnerships in fighting cybercrime.
Initial revelations and results of the Citadel botnet operation
June 21
Microsoft shares initial results following the coordinated disruption of the Citadel botnets.