Announcements for Developers on Microsoft’s Platform, Apps and Developer Tools

April 14, 2014
Developers can start building and testing Windows Phone 8.1 apps with the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program.


Microsoft Evolves the Cloud experience for customers
April 3
At its annual Build conference, Microsoft announced a first-of-its-kind cloud experience via a new Microsoft Azure Preview Portal.
Windows App Studio Beta
April 3
Learn more about Windows App Studio for creating universal Windows apps.
.NET Foundation Established to Foster Open Development
April 3
Learn more about the newly established .NET Foundation.
Enabling developers to embrace cloud first/mobile first experiences
April 3
Web developers can use Web App Templates to easily turn their websites into rich HTML apps that take advantage of Windows features.
Windows Store updates for developers
April 2
Announcing universal Windows apps, which now enable you to reach users across the spectrum of Windows devices with optimized app experiences built from one shared project.
Microsoft showcases common developer platform, latest updates to Windows at Build
April 2
At Build in San Francisco, Microsoft detailed plans to deliver a common developer experience across the Windows platform with universal Windows apps.
Unity 4 beta for Windows Phone 8.1
April 2
Apply for the Unity Windows Phone 8.1 apps beta program today
New advertising SDKS for developers
April 2
Announcing new Advertising SDKs and a redesigned pubCenter to help developers do more and earn more with apps.
MS Open Tech Open Sources WinJS
April 2
Learn more about WinJS, now open source and part of the Windows App platform.