At Microsoft we believe that providing quality education to the 1.4 billion students around the world is essential to the future of our society. Technology can expand the power of education and unlock the potential of students, educators and schools. To make this technology available worldwide we partner with education communities, delivering solutions, services and programs that help people learn.

April 22, 2014
Students can download full set of Office applications, providing them with skills needed after graduation.


Microsoft underlines the power of education apps available on Windows 8
March 13
Partners developing innovative and exciting apps to enhance student learning.
Microsoft reaffirms commitment to student privacy on day one of Microsoft in Education Global Forum
March 12
Microsoft’s biggest education event highlights the company’s commitment to student privacy and end-to-end, leading solutions for the classroom.
New Pearson apps for Windows 8 create digital personalize learning environment
Feb. 20
Microsoft and Pearson collaborate on new testing and readings applications for Windows 8.
Miami-Dade County public schools close education gap with Microsoft technology
Feb. 6
Fourth-largest U.S. school district boots up 1:1 initiative with Microsoft technology.
Microsoft and partners bring affordable technology to all US public school students
Feb. 4
Offer will drive more than $1 billion of savings with Windows-based devices.
Microsoft names 2014 Expert Educators and Mentor Schools
Nov. 7
Microsoft selects 250 educators and 80 schools globally for being leaders in innovation and paving the way for use of technology to improve learning and student outcomes.