The products and people advancing technology at Microsoft.

Oct. 2, 2013
How a Microsoft Silicon Valley-based hardware team collaborated with Microsoft Research to overcome technological hurdles with the new time-of-flight sensing camera in Xbox One.


LEGO SentryBot at BUILD 2013
July 17
Uses sensors, webcam and Surface Pro to respond to changes in its environment.
3D printing: A factory on every desktop
June 26
Windows 8.1 update will include built-in support for 3D printing.
Socl offers new ways to be creative
June 18
Socl — pronounced “social” — is a free online community created by Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs.
How Microsoft quietly built the city of the future
April 15
Learn how Microsoft engineers turned the company’s campus into a highly efficient smart city.
Latest Kinect for Windows SDK opens new doors
March 18
New Software Development Kit 1.7 gives camera the ability to recognize different gestures..
Using tech in new ways to fight TB
Dec. 3
Microsoft Research helps develop system to improve treatment success rates.