Sept. 10, 2013
Microsoft reflects on a conversation with leading academic researchers discussing data and insights that could inform potential technologies to help combat child sex trafficking.


Shedding Light on the Role of Technology in Child Sex Trafficking
July 18
Microsoft funds six research teams to study how technology facilitates the trafficking of minors in US$32 billion per year industry.
Microsoft Names Grant Recipients in Fight Against Sex Trafficking
June 13
Microsoft announces recipients of grant to advance understanding of technology in the child sex trade.
Microsoft PhotoDNA to Help Fight Child Pornography
March 19
Microsoft and NetClean make PhotoDNA technology available to law enforcement at no cost to help them fight child pornography.
500 Million Friends Against Child Exploitation
May 19
Posted by Bill Harmon, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit
Facebook To Use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA Technology to Combat Child Exploitation
May 19
Posted by Ernie Allen, President and Chief Executive, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
PhotoDNA: How it Works
Dec. 15
Here’s how PhotoDNA helps combat the distribution of child pornography.