We are experiencing a transformation in how we use computers and what we can expect from them. As systems begin to understand us better, we will gain a greater understanding of our world, make better decisions, and deepen our connections with each other.

March 4, 2013
Slideshow takes you behind the scenes of demos showing how big data, machine learning and natural user interfaces are helping bring about a new world.


Craig Mundie: How Tomorrow’s Technologies Will Shape Your World
Nov. 15
Craig Mundie recently visited the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin to share his thoughts on the future of computing.
Mundie Fall 2011 University Visits
Oct. 10
Craig Mundie visits colleges to discuss transformations in how we interact with technology.
Follow the News from TechFest
March 8
Find videos, blog posts and more from this week’s Microsoft Research event.
Slide Show: Exploring a World of Natural User Interfaces
Feb. 24
Craig Mundie gathered individuals from across the company this week for a day of futuristic demos. Take a look.
Craig Mundie’s TechForum: A Look Ahead
Feb. 22
The Official Microsoft Blog
Natural User Interfaces: What’s Next
Feb. 21
At a sneak peek of Microsoft research projects, held on February 21, 2011, Microsoft and Microsoft Research showed off exciting new technologies in the area of natural user interface (NUI).
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