May 7, 2014
Findings highlight shift in cybercriminal tactics and importance of using modern software.


Life in the digital crosshairs: The inside story
March 5
Read the untold story about how a handful of employees were able to fundamentally shift a culture within Microsoft to prioritize security.
Microsoft outlines approach to security, privacy and transparency at RSA
Feb. 25
Trustworthy Computing CVP Scott Charney took the stage at RSA Conference USA 2014 to share his viewpoint on trust in technology
Gold goes to Finland for lowest malware infections
Feb. 20
Microsoft Security Blog wraps up its awards for countries managing malware threats.
Japan gets silver medal for managing malware
Feb. 13
Japan receives our second-place silver medal for its approach to managing malware threats.
Norway wins bronze for low malware infections
Feb. 10
As winter athletes compete in Russia, Microsoft celebrates its own global medalists — the countries/regions which had the fewest malware infections in the first half of 2013.
SIR Special Edition: The Cybersecurity Risk Paradox
Jan. 16
New report outlines cybersecurity challenges and opportunities for developing countries.