Feb. 23, 2014
Corporate Vice Presidents Joe Belfiore (pictured) and Nick Parker discuss operating system momentum, growth opportunities and new hardware partnerships.


Lenovo announces new FLEX 2 laptops
April 16
Lenovo has announced two new FLEX 2 dual-mode laptops that can flip the keyboard underneath the screen 300 degrees.
Toshiba announces new laptops
April 15
Toshiba announced new laptops that span a range of prices and performance including the Satellite P55t that has a high resolution 4k Ultra HD display.
Myerson on the future of 'One Windows'
April 10
Executive vice president of operating systems Terry Myerson talks with ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley about the future of Windows and Windows Phone, cross-platform commitments, transparency and more.
ASUS VivoTab Note 8
April 9
You can pick-up an ASUS VivoTab Note 8 today from the Microsoft Store for just $299 (originally $329).
Why I love Windows 8.1 Update
April 8
Windows responds to what kind of device and what kind of input method you are using in order to make things as convenient and easy as they can be.
Resona Holdings migrates terminals to Windows 8
April 1
Company migrates 30,000 group client terminals from Windows XP.
Windows and Windows Phone apps
March 28
Brandon LeBlanc highlights some of his favorite Windows and Windows Phone apps.
Microsoft Research’s Blink app gets an update for Windows Phone
March 20
Blink lets you capture a burst of images before you even press the shutter and then continues to capture images after you’ve taken your shot.
Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850
March 18
The Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is a super lightweight mouse designed for people who live life on-the-go and is available in five colors.
Windows 8.1
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