Partnering with Microsoft
to grow your business

Enabling a strong partnership

The Microsoft ecosystem offers Telco operators a clear path to increasing their revenue. The breadth of its devices and services gives operators the flexibility they need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and therefore attract and grow key customer segments.

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Ecosystem Brand Differentiation Growth Opportunity with Microsoft

The flexibility and breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem, paired with operators' assets, enables differentiation without compromising the user experience to drive revenue for our partners and better experiences for our customers.

Microsoft's integrated approach and Modern UI paired with operators network and other assets, enables differentiation and an enhanced user experience across Windows Phones, Tablets, PCs and TVs/Xbox.

Microsoft helps operators harness our new business model of combining new services and devices-helping operators identify new revenue streams and bringing unique, captive audiences.
  • Together with Microsoft, operator partners can offer end-to-end services to generate recurring revenue, create bundling/cross-sell/upsell opportunities all while offering a consistent and rich user experiences across devices and services for both consumer and business customers.
  • For the ever growing business user segment, operators can bundle devices with business services to create new upsell opportunities as well as boost end-user data usage and recurring revenue.
  • The flexibility we afford in the creation of innovative consumer and business offerings based on Microsoft's devices and services allow operators branded apps and services to shine through in our Modern UI across screens.
  • Differentiation within an operator's portfolio is critical and we continually work to increase operator's ability to differentiate or customize services, making them completely unique to their customer base.
  • Microsoft provides a comprehensive set of cloud services with the reliability, security, and global reach operators demand for their business customers.
  • Microsoft's existing relationship with billions of customers enables operators to expand to new places and attract new customers to living rooms, board rooms and office cubicles worldwide.