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Organize easily

File or delete hundreds of emails from your inbox in seconds with Sweep. You can also manage rules with Sweep, and automatically delete or keep email out of your inbox before it arrives.

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Skype for

Talk to friends and loved ones in stunning HD video with just one click.

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Simple scheduling

Your calendar is accessible right from your inbox, so it’s easy to stay up-to-date. Subscribe to online calendars, import events from your other calendars, or share your agenda with family to keep everyone in sync. Send invitations, track RSVPs, and set notifications to stay on schedule.

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Free Office Online

Open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right from your inbox for free. There’s no need for you or those you share with to install Office, and your formatting stays intact.

Surface tablet showing Windows 8.1 home screen

Light up your Windows device

From unique and powerful organizational tools in the Windows 8.1 Mail app, to automatically syncing your Calendar, OneDrive, People and more when you sign in, is personal, productive, and perfect for Windows.

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Google's advertising practices

If you use Gmail, or send email to someone who does, Google scans the contents of your email and extracts what they think are relevant keywords in order to target you with ads. Sometimes this can give you ads that are inaccurate, inappropriate, or insensitive. Gmail users and recipients are unable to opt-out of the email scanning, keyword extraction, and profiling process.

Upgrade from Gmail

Microsoft's advertising practices

Microsoft does not scan your email for the purpose of serving you ads. The ads that you see in your inbox are served to you on the basis of info that you give Microsoft, including the demographic details you provide when you register your account. And, you may opt-out of receiving ads that rely on this voluntary information at any time by visiting our opt-out page.

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Share photos and files is seamlessly integrated with OneDrive, so you can access your photos and files right from your inbox. Share your content with anyone you choose, and never worry about attachment size limits.

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Skype, Facebook and Google Chat

Chat instantly with your friends from Skype, Facebook and Google, right from your inbox.

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Unsubscribe instantly

Stop getting newsletters you don’t want with Unsubscribe.

Screenshot showing email sort feature in

Everything in its place automatically categorizes newsletters, social updates, photos, and other types of mail. You can also create your own custom categories.

Screenshot of contact directory

Refreshed contacts

Connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google and you’ll get an address book that stays automatically updated.

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Pretty and simple

When you get an email with photos, turns them into a beautiful slideshow. YouTube videos play right in your inbox.



Add to your phone to see your email wherever you are.

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Find out how stacks up against Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

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Get tips for using all the best features in

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Outlook and

Use Outlook to send and receive email.

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