• Protecting Your Windows IT Investments

  • Joan is having problems deploying Windows using Volume Licensing media on some new PCs she acquired from her PC manufacturer. The PCs did not have an operating system pre-installed, and Joan incorrectly thought her Volume Licensing agreement covered licensing for the full version of Windows. Now when she tries to deploy her Volume Licensing image of Windows, the Software Protection Platform technology doesn’t allow it and fails during activation. What can Joan do to solve this problem?

    Here are a few key tips for Joan:

    • Volume Licensing always requires that a qualifying Windows operating system (generally an OEM license) already exist on the PC before using Volume Licensing media to upgrade or reimage.
    • Only qualifying operating systems installed as the base license on a PC, can be used for a Volume Licensing upgrade.
    • With Windows, all versions require some form of activation, including Volume Licensing versions. In Joan's scenario, deployment with Windows Volume Licensing media is not working due to the lack of a qualifying underlying base Windows operating system.
    • Joan should work with her reseller to acquire a legalization solution so that her PCs are properly licensed. To learn more about Microsoft’s portfolio of legalization solutions, click here.
    • Joan can learn more about product activation and obtain answers to specific questions she has regarding deployment solutions.
    • Last, but not least, the most economical way to acquire Windows is preinstalled on a new PC.