• The Risks of Counterfeit

    Counterfeit software can be tempting. But weigh the risks, and you’ll see it’s definitely no bargain. The perceived “savings” of using pirated software can be wiped out in a single security breach or critical incident resulting in downtime and other expensive remedies.

  • Proper Licensing Practices

    Does each PC need its own full license? Can I upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro from Windows 8.1? Get the answers, and learn to make the best choices for your business when you acquire Microsoft software.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Respecting intellectual property rights laws benefits everyone. It strengthens economies, creates job opportunities, protects honest workers from losing their jobs to criminals, stimulates technological progress, and gives customers the genuine software experience they deserve while protecting them from becoming victims.

  • Legalization

    If you discover counterfeit, unlicensed, or otherwise pirated software on your PC, help is available. Learn how Microsoft’s portfolio of legalization solutions can help you enjoy the benefits of a genuine licensed software experience.