• Get the facts. Protect yourself

  • Agencies and governments are taking steps to enforce intellectual property laws and arrest software counterfeiters. But they are just part of the solution. As a consumer, you play a critical role in fighting software piracy. To ensure you don’t end up a victim of software piracy:

    Get informed. Download the IDC white paper to learn about the risks associated with using pirated software, and how you can avoid them.

    Get genuine. Insist on authentic software that delivers a genuine licensed experience. To double-check that your software is genuine, click here.

    Report piracy. If you’ve been duped by a software counterfeiter, report it now before he or she has the chance to victimize someone else.

    Get fully licensed and compliant. Implement Software Asset Management (SAM) across your organization to ensure you realize the full value of your software investment. To find out why SAM is good for your business, click here.