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    Dangerous Descent shows the chances you take on when you buy, sell, or use obviously counterfeit software from questionable sources. You can end up damaging your systems, harming legitimate businesses, or even find yourself in hot water with the law. Watch to learn how to avoid these risks, and what you can do if you discover illegitimate software on your computer.
    Suspicious Cargo highlights the business risks that come from the proliferation of pirated software. Now only can it help to fund criminal operations, but it can lead to virus attacks, the loss of critical business data, and significant employee downtime. If you find you have counterfeit software on your systems, contact your reseller to learn about Microsoft's legalization solutions.
    Questionable Consultation illustrates the importance of understanding how your business can be adversely impacted by the questionable practices of outside consultants acting on your behalf. If a consultant’s solution sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be duped by bad advice – be sure you understand the appropriate software and licensing solutions for your business.
    Black Market Blues depicts the risks of purchasing and using counterfeit or pirated software from outside of mainstream channels. See how dealing with unknown sources can have dire results at home or in the office, and learn what you can do to avoid the consequences.
    Piracy Perils personalizes the consequences of not following intellectual property laws and illustrates the risks these actions have on individual businesses. Not only does using pirated software hurt legitimate commerce and hinder economic progress, but it can prevent your business from succeeding in the global marketplace. Watch this movie to get insights to what following IP laws could mean to your business.
    Shattered Licensing Myths illustrates the unintended results of one department in a company trying to cut corners and ending up with unlicensed computers that cost them more than if they’d done it right the first time. You can’t access tech support, download updates, or qualify for upgrade pricing. See why you should only purchase PCs with Microsoft Windows preinstalled to save your business money in the long run.
    The Legal Edge presents a case for the value of legalization solutions for businesses found to be using improperly licensed software. The video depicts the pitfalls in the all-too-common customer misperception that Volume Licensing can be used to install the full operating system on a naked PC. Learn how one company corrected its mistakes by working with a reseller.
    Counterfeit Confidential highlights the business risks of downloading and using counterfeit or pirated software. Buying software online increases the potential for identity theft, loss of critical business data, and employee downtime – it’s just not worth the risk. Find out how to protect your business from counterfeit software.