2.0 Platform

Unleash the Full Capability of Microsoft PixelSense

With the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK, you can create amazing applications that connect people to information and each other in brand new ways. We’re here to help you increase your business opportunities by making it faster and easier to design and develop applications for the Samsung SUR40—whether you’re an old Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK pro or just getting started.

The Microsoft PixelSense Design and Development Center Now Available

Head over to our newly created one stop shop for all the design and development related material including:
  • Online training modules
  • White papers
  • Hands-on labs
  • User interface and certification guidelines
  • Resource links

Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK Now Available

Develop multi-touch applications today with the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK. All the tools, samples and guidance are available via the Microsoft PixelSense Design and Development Center.