Microsoft Surface 1.0 helps market tourism in Manchester, UK

Microsoft Surface 1.0 plays a central role in the Visitor Information Centre as tourism is important to the economy of Manchester, the third most popular city in the UK for international visitors. When the City of Manchester established a new Visitor Information Centre, they commissioned UK-based digital design company magneticNorth (mN) to create an experience to be the focal piece of their new visitor hub. Designed by magneticNorth and developed on Microsoft Surface 1.0 by Black Marble, it allows visitors to have a unique opportunity to explore the city. The display is activated by placing objects on the actual surface. The objects are then turned to reveal detailed information, allowing people to dig down deeper into the map and its contents as they zoom, tap and touch to see details about shopping, hotels, restaurants and other happenings in the city. Its social design really rewards curiosity and exploration and yet doesn't get in the way of its primary goal of being useful.
Visitor Information Centre