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  • That depends. You might get called right away or it might take several months. We’re always running studies. However, the age, gender, experience level, and gaming interests of the participants we need can vary greatly from study to study. It might take a while until a study that’s just right for your child comes along.


  • There are really just two types of activities in which your child will be involved. They’ll either be playing or discussing games. Both of these activities may take place individually, with a friend, with a family member, or even in a group.

  • All testing with individuals is done strictly within ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) guidelines. We share your concerns about the exposure of minors to material that may be unsuitable, and so only allow our participants to test age appropriate titles. All software gratuities are distributed within ESRB guidelines as well. Please visit the ESRB website for more information.

  • We require that parents or guardians of all minors under the age of 18, stay onsite for the duration of the study session. You will be checking your child in, signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Parental Consent Form, and then we have televisions, and in our building 92 facilities, Netflix and SmartTV browsing. Or you can bring a book or entertainment device while you are waiting.

  • Absolutely. While most children are comfortable participating in studies while their parents wait in the lobby, there are some occasions when either the child or the parent would like to have the parent present during the study session.

  • No problem. Just let a Playtest staff member know that you need to leave early and she or he will get your child for you.

  • Yes. If your child is 17 or younger, then a Playtest staff member will have you sign a Parental Consent Form and Non Disclosure Agreement. These must be signed before your child can participate in the study.

  • For security reasons, all of our participants must be scheduled ahead of time. We are not able to accommodate ‘walk in’ participants. However, we are always happy to get referrals. Please feel free to contact your Study Coordinator to see if we are able to accommodate your child’s friend. If not, we may have other opportunities available.


  • Currently, children can choose from a variety of PC and Console videogames as well as PC productivity, digital imaging, and other titles. Because we share your concerns about the exposure of minors to material that may be unsuitable, all software gratuities that are distributed are within ESRB guidelines. Please visit the ESRB website for more information. Also, you’ll be sent a list of available gratuities prior to the study so you can review it and choose with your child prior to participating.

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