Discover and combine with Power Query for Excel

The data you want, the way
you want it

Easily discover and connect to data from public and corporate data sources. This includes new data search capabilities, as well as capabilities to easily transform and merge data from multiple data sources so that you can continue to analyze it in Excel.

  • Search and find data

    Online search helps you easily find data from both inside and outside your organization. Just type what you're looking for and in seconds Power Query will give you a list of all the available data sources that match your criteria. Preview the contents of the data and import the data source that you want directly into Excel.

  • Data sources

    Power Query allows you to extract data from all sorts of compatible sources:

    • Web page
    • Excel or CSV file
    • XML file
    • Text file
    • Folder
    • SQL Server database
    • Windows Azure SQL Database
    • HDInsight
    • Access database
    • Oracle database
    • IBM DB2 database
    • MySQL database
    • SharePoint List
    • OData feed
    • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    • Windows Azure Marketplace
    • Active Directory
    • Facebook
    • SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe
  • Clean, merge, transform and shape your data

    View your data and clean it up even before loading it into a spreadsheet. Create queries that you can save and use again later to refresh your data. Merge different tables in one step; rename, delete or even create fields. Transform your data before even importing it into a spreadsheet. Get your data ‘analysis ready’ with Power Query.