Excel for Business Analytics

Excel now provides you with a flexible, powerful and complete business analysis solution that lets you analyze data and discover insights in your own way. Find and connect to data, shape, model and analyze data, and design rich reports all while enjoying the familiarity of Excel and features you already love such as pivot tables, slicers, charts and formulas.

Each powerful feature below is available in Excel with Office 365 ProPlus, Office 2013 Professional Plus and Excel 2013 Standalone.

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Discover and Connect

Connect to public data, on-premises data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data, and cloud services. Use search inside Excel to find data around you. Then freely shape and merge data from multiple sources so you can analyze all within Excel.

Demo: Discover, Capture and Clean the Data Around You

Model and Analyze

With Power Pivot for Excel, continue to create sophisticated data models with that data in Excel by creating relationships, custom calculated fields, hierarchies, and KPIs—all with the increased performance of in-memory technology. Because Power Pivot models run in memory, you can analyze 100s of millions of rows of data with lightning fast performance.

Demo: Connect and Analyze the Data Around You Demo: Perform Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Visualize and Explore

Power View for Excel lets you quickly drag and drop you way to interactive reports and analytical views in seconds. Each chart and graph in the report is simple to format and work together to allow cross-filtering so you can drill into the insights that matter.

With Power Map for Excel, perform geospatial explorations of your data with. Take advantage of any data with location and easily plot across 3D captivating maps. Interact and story tell with this tool to see your data in new perspectives and unlock deeper insights.

Access Anywhere

With Excel on all of your devices, you can quickly pull up your analysis report, use familiar tools like filtering and sorting to focus on the data that matters, and find the right insights for your on-the-go presentations and collaborations.

Publish and Collaborate

With Excel and Power BI together, share your reports and make them available for your team and clients to access anywhere by publishing them to your team’s Power BI site. By using Excel Online, colleagues can access and interact with your report in the browser, making it easier to consume data and unlock insights. Customize your Power BI sites gallery to feature and highlight specific reports and visualizations.