Power BI for Sales and Marketing

Bring all the data you want into a single view to improve performance.

It doesn't matter if it is a campaign, understanding your customers, analyzing sales or driving results. Align your data and strategies into a unified view to execute your marketing strategy and drive the results that you need.

Integrate all your data sources and turn them into rich information

Visual dashboards provide a clear overview of performance so you can quickly investigate issues or better understand success. Dive deep and examine performance by specific products, market segments, locations to determine at a micro or macro level if action must be taken. Interactive, consolidated views enable you to compare different levels of analysis and share information visually.

Power BI for Sales and Marketing

Optimize campaigns

Monitor the performance of your campaigns using familiar tools that all marketers can use and understand. Adjust your initiatives based on actual performance and see the results in a holistic view for continuous improvement.

Sales performance management

Create dashboards to monitor performance through all your channels. Share dashboards with the rest of your organization who can consume them anywhere at any time. Unlock new growth opportunities enabling visual data discovery for everyone in your sales pipeline and encourage collaboration.

Understand your customers and opportunities

Through data visualizations now it is easier than ever to understand the value of each your segments. Understand return and investment on each of your channels and segments to maximize your return. Create KPIs to monitor customer value, churn and profitability.

Keep your insights up to date

It doesn't matter where all your data is coming from. Schedule refreshes to always have the latest view of your performance and make decisions that will produce results faster and more effectively. All of this while keeping your data secure and consistent.

Ask your questions, get a visualized answer

With Q&A now it is possible to get instant answers from your models. No need to answer every single question before hand. Allow anyone to get their own answers and improve these models enhancing the synonyms behind your data to improve their experience.

Enhance your reports with public data sources

Using Power Query you can search, import, clean and reshape public data and bring it into your own reports to unlock even more insights. Work with tables such as population and internet penetration to find new correlations in your data.

Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using Power Query's OData, you can connect directly to your Dynamics CRM Online account. Explore and visualize your sales, customer and marketing data directly in Excel.

Power Map tour: store performance, demographics and Twitter activity

Power Map tour: brands online search trends, demographics and Twitter activity. Explore online search, demographics and Twitter activity data with Power Map through heat maps and bar charts in this 3D tour.

Using Power View to review sales performance

Marc Reguera talks with Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft, to understand how her team uses Power View to gain insights and make decisions in a quicker time frame. Through this real world example (using obfuscated data), you will see how you can discover insights and reach a deeper level of analysis that was not initially obvious by simply interacting with the charts and filters.