Data Discovery

Find your data and make it work.

Big data is real. Almost any business or topic can be related to huge amounts of data. Power BI allows you to tackle that problem from end to end. Find the data you need public or internal. Combine, clean it and mash it up to make it analysis ready. Build your model that can have millions of rows and records and then just play with it. Explore it visually in the easiest way possible. Power BI gives you the tools.

Get your hands on the data you want

Power Query allows you to search, clean up, transform and combine the data you want in Excel. This is the first step towards data discovery. Search for public data sources to enhance your dashboards and get access through search to your organizational data bases. Even search queries that other people in your organization made public.

Interact with your data

If you want to discover more insights buried in your data, what better way to do it visually. Interact with your dashboard by clicking them and drill down to find the answers you need. For example, you see a decrease in revenue but an increase in profit. Start digging into the different timeframes and products and get the root cause of this change in seconds, not days. Filter and drill down on any field or KPI you like in your data. You'll find the answer faster and clearer.

Data Discovery

Share your insights and ask for help to get even more

With Power BI you're able to share your visualizations with anyone. Help people to go through your same data discovery process with another pair of fresh eyes and enable collaboration inside your organization. Help everyone else discover and unlock their own insights in your data.