Social Media Analytics

Visualize social media channel activity.

Social media has become one of the most important communication channels for every industry and company. Unlocking insights to understand the performance and interaction with customers through social media is critical. Power BI gives you the option to get answers to your questions in a completely different way.

Analyzing social channels can be frustrating

Because of the amount of data involved in social channels, getting real insights from social can be overwhelming. Power BI allows you to consume this data through visualization and custom models. This way you can explore data visually to drill down into specific patterns to get the answers you need. Customize your data models to figure out sentiment, volume, location and mentions among other interesting data points.

Get visibility on your Twitter status

Power BI allows you to visualize different dimensions of your Twitter activity. Build your Power Pivot model with Twitter data using the JSON parser. Visualize your data such as followers or tone. Then drill down into your data visually to find out what is going on. Share these dashboards across your organization and let everyone know how your brand and your clients are behaving.

Social Media

Connect to Facebook with Power Query

Power Query allows you to connect directly to your Facebook data. Get your hands on this data and start getting answers that will help you increase your brand awareness and revenue. Get deeper insights into your friend base, feed and specific post performance, all with the same capabilities you get across all Power BI features.