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Power BI Blog

  • 5 New Updates in Power Query

    Take Power Query to the next level: Try Power BI for Free today!


    We are happy to announce the availability of the November 2014 Update for Power Query. This update is packed with lots of new features that we hope you will enjoy and thank us for them (hmm, since we are in Thanksgiving week…).

    Download the November Power Query Update

    Before talking about new features in this update, we would like to invite you to complete a survey. It will take you only a few minutes and it will help us better understand what you like or don’t like about Power Query, how do you currently use it and what new features you would like to see in the future.

    Take the Power Query Survey

    What's new in this update?

    1. SQL Server Analysis Services connector.
    2. Salesforce Reports & Objects connector.
    3. Expand Columns – Ability to disable/customize column prefix.
    4. Improved File Menu options in the Query Editor.
    5. Entry point for “Advanced Editor” in the Queries pane inside the Query Editor.

    You can watch the following video or read below for more details about each feature.

    SQL Server Analysis Services connector

    With this update, you can now connect to Analysis Services cubes through Power Query. This connector has been long awaited for and commonly requested, and we hope that you like it. It provides exploration, transformation and import capabilities on top of AS cubes. Underneath the connection, Power Query translates user actions into MDX queries against the source. While the connector will also work for tabular instances, it is currently optimized for multi-dimensional experience. We hope to add 1st class support for DAX in the future.

    You will find a new entry under the “From Database” menu that will let you connect to your AS server. After connecting, you will be able to browse your cubes and pick the desired dimensions, measures, hierarchies or KPIs from them, filter and transform the data before loading it to the worksheet or Data Model.

    Salesforce Reports & Objects connector

    This month we’re including the Salesforce connector as a mainstream Power Query feature. This connector has been in Preview since early October. This feature allows customers to connect to their Salesforce accounts and import data into Excel. There are two entry points offered, including Salesforce Objects and Salesforce Reports. For a detailed description of these two capabilities, please check out this blog post.

    Expand Columns – Ability to disable/customize column prefix

    A frequent piece of feedback from our users is that they would like to have control over the column name prefix for columns generated by an Expand Column operation. Before this update, new columns would contain the original column name as prefix and users not wanting this prefix would have to manually remove it from each column afterwards (either via Column Rename or by modifying the generated Expand Column formula).

    With this update, we’re introducing a new checkbox in the Expand Column dropdown menu to let users opt out of this prefix.

    In addition to this check-box, we’re also giving users the option to change the prefix via the “Expand Columns” dialog.

    Improved File Menu options in the Query Editor

    We have added a few more options to the Query Editor File menu. Now you can access the Data Source Settings and Options dialogs without having to leave the Editor. Note that Workbook Settings are still not accessible from the File menu. This is something that we are trying to enable in next month’s update.

    Entry point for “Advanced Editor” in the Queries pane inside the Query Editor

    We’ve made it much easier to access the Advanced Editor dialog when working with multiple queries in the Query Editor. Simply right click the query that you wish to edit and select “Advanced Editor” in the context menu.

    That’s all for this month! We hope that you enjoy this update and find the new features valuable for you and your customers. Please send us your feedback or suggestions via Smile/Frown in Power Query.


    Download Power Query from our official download page.

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    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 17:00:00 GMT byMiguel.Llopis2 Comments

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  • Top 10 Power Map tours

    We all know how beautiful and stunning Power Map videos are but what's even more striking is how powerful tours are as a storytelling tool to convey a message with Geo-spatial data.

    That is why we decided to put together a Top 10 list of Power Map tours and... drum roll... here they are!

    Visualizing Climate Change

    Lukas Steindl created this tour to visualize the intensity of tropical storms and population affected in the west pacific from 1945 to 2012. It also includes Twitter activity for typhoon "Haiyan" that hit the Philippines.


    World Cup History with Power Map

    Igor Peev, Senior Program Manager from the Power Map team created this tour that shows the history of the World Cup with data.


    Beer sales in Norway

    Alistair Brown created this tour to show the most popular beer brands in Norway.


    Thanksgiving Turkey Production and Consumtion

    Last year for Thanksgiving we wanted to answer the question, "Where do turkeys come from and where do they go?". This was the result.


    Walmart stores US growth

    Jason Strate created this very simple but powerful tour to illustrate the amazing growth and coverage of Walmart stores in the US since 1962.


    NORAD's Santa route tracking

    For the 2013 holidays, we put together this tour with the official NORAD tracking of Santa's route so we wouldn't lose him on Christmas eve.


    Windsurfing race GPS tracking

    Shish Shridhar shows us how it is possible to map different sailors routes from a windsurfing race.


    Best places to Trick or Treat

    The Office 365 team grabbed a bunch of public data and visualized it with Power Map to help us choose the best place in the US to go trick or treating.


    Casino customer traffic simulation

    Matt Smith simulates customer foot traffic and waiting times in a casino, showing us how the new custom maps feature can be used.


    Healthcare analytics

    This tour shows explores Geo-location health metrics such as disease frequency, gyms and fast food restaurants to drive better local policies for the public and private sector..


    If you have more top Power Map tours to share, please let us know @MSPowerBI and @MSExcel with the hashtag #TopPowerMap.

    #Power Map#Excel#tours#visualization#maps#geo location#custom maps#top 10#storytelling

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:30:00 GMT byPower BI Team1 Comment

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