Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) Training Program

Microsoft expects Suppliers to act ethically and with integrity. Suppliers demonstrate this commitment by complying with our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) and ensuring that their employees are trained on the SCoC. Microsoft SCoC training ensures that new External Staff who require Microsoft access credentials to Microsoft corpnet and/or buildings have been trained before they obtain their access rights. This policy is supported by an automated, online training process during External Staff setup. The policy is in effect in the United States, Canada, LATAM, India, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

As part of the External Staff setup process, External Staff workers receive an email notification that provides a link to the e-learning training site and requests that they complete the 30-minute online training. Topics covered in this training include: anti-corruption, accessibility, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, data security and privacy, and business records. Once the External Staff worker completes the training, the process for granting access to Microsoft’s corporate network and/or buildings will proceed. The process is automated; therefore, the only action required of the Supplier/Sponsor is to alert their External Staff that this training must be completed before they can obtain Microsoft access credentials.

*Any External Staff workers who are engaged in services for Microsoft, who will bill time to Microsoft, or who otherwise work on Microsoft matters are required to complete the SCoC training and agree to comply with the SCoC. External Staff includes Vendors/Agency Temps (Contractors), Business Guests, and Outsourced Staff.

FY18 updates

Course content: Updates to the course content are expected to be released in Q3.

Additional country pre-access policy implementations: Future implementations of SCoC training will align to the External Staff Policy international expansion roadmap.

Annual retraining: No action is required until individuals receive an email message that contains instructions and their custom training link.

Existing External Staff: In Q3, all External Staff who started their assignments before the implementation of SCoC training will receive notification to complete the required training. No action is required until individuals receive an email message that provides instructions and a custom training link.

For additional information, please review the SCoC FAQ. Any questions related to the Supplier Code of Conduct Training Program may be directed to

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