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Every media project starts with questions. You can always pick up the phone, but feel free to take a spin through some common questions.


Can I take a tour of Microsoft Production Studios?

Microsoft Production Studios cannot give tours to the general public. However, the Microsoft Company Store and Museum in building 92 are open to the public. We can accommodate tours for industry professionals (such as agencies and production companies) by request. Please send us an email or call the Microsoft Production Studios operations desk at (425) 706-7501.

Can non-Microsoft individuals or other companies rent space or use your available services?

We welcome the opportunity to partner with creative agencies, production companies, and company representatives for media projects. Contact us by email or call the Microsoft Production Studios operations desk at (425) 706-7501.

Do Microsoft projects get preferential treatment?

No. All projects are treated equally, and we have a fair process to try to accommodate everyone’s needs and requirements. For example, if your project changes scope and needs extra time, we’ll work on your behalf to try and arrange a fair solution for everyone.

What are the sizes and layouts of your stages?

Please see the Our Space section of our website, where you can view stage specifications and layouts and download schematics for reference.

Are there other areas in Microsoft Production Studios or on campus I can shoot?

There are several great spaces within the walls of Microsoft Production Studios, and we can accommodate a variety of scenarios. The Redmond campus offers plenty of unique places, both indoors and outdoors.

Do you have a workshop for our set designers?

Well, not in the traditional sense, and not within the four walls of Microsoft Production Studios proper. However, we can still provide you with the space you need.

Do you have storage and space for our wardrobe department?

If we don’t already have all the space you need, we’ll find it for you. For more about how we can accommodate your project, please send us an email or call the Microsoft Production Studios operations desk at (425) 706-7501.

I know Microsoft is great technically, but isn’t Microsoft Production Studios more expensive than other places in town or LA/NY?

According to an independent third party that compared our rates with those in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or elsewhere in Seattle, Microsoft Production Studios consistently delivered comparable services at lower rates.

What do you charge to work with writers and your tech teams?

Microsoft Production Studios does not have a set rate for these services because we tailor our work to meet each client’s needs. To tell us about your project and get a quote from us, please send us an email and we will promptly get back to you, or call Kara Costa, Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing, at (425) 706-0127.

How can I get connected to Microsoft Research like CSI did for its show?

Call Kara Costa, Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing, at (425) 706-0127 or send us an email for help with introductions to the appropriate groups and/or resources at Microsoft. Read the USA Today article on the show.

How can I find out what new things Microsoft Research is working on?

Microsoft Research has public information on their website at

How can I use Microsoft products in my production?

Microsoft has partnered extensively with film and TV productions for product placement, from Avatar to CSI. We’d be happy to help facilitate conversations within Microsoft to find the best fit.

Where can I find more information or news about Microsoft Corporation?

Microsoft News Center is the best place to find the most current news releases for the corporation. Learn more at

Where can I find the best information for the film industry in Washington State?

Washington Filmworks has all the information and contacts to help you with your production in the state. Learn more at

Where can I find information on Washington State tourism?

Washington is a beautiful state with a lot to offer in relation to locations for production. A good place to start is the Experience Washington website at