Global reach in the heart of Reno-Tahoe

Microsoft has been in Reno since 1997 and enables organizations, large and small, to acquire, distribute and utilize Microsoft’s vast array of products, including software, hardware and services. One of only three Microsoft Regional Operation Centers in the world, our Reno-led team is primarily responsible for Operations in North and Latin America, but also has some global reach. We have more than 500 team members in Reno, Fargo, Las Colinas, Charlotte, Ft. Lauderdale and Puerto Rico, several field based employees who work out of their homes across the country, and a handful placed globally in places like Dublin and Singapore. Between all of our businesses based in Reno, our teams are responsible for supporting the fulfillment and revenue processing operations of the company’s $80+billion business.

We also love to contribute to the community in which we live by bringing the benefits of information technology to people and organizations throughout the community with an emphasis on partnerships and activities that provide technology solutions that empower youth through education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as signature technology events, employee volunteering and gift matching for nonprofits.

In the news

Microsoft's DigiGirlz program teaching girls about technology

For more than a decade, Microsoft has been working to get more girls interested in technology through a program called DigiGirlz. This is the fifth year for the Reno event. In that time, it has grown from dozens to hundreds of participants.

DigiGirlz – A Free Tech Camp for Girls

Creating Reno’s next generation of women entrepreneurs

Alex Ellison wants more girls to become entrepreneurs. "Women are really underrepresented in the startup scene," she said. "We want to shake that up a bit."

Annual DigiGirlz Day motivates future female leaders

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Science Foundation, women make up 46.5 percent of the workforce in the U.S., yet hold only 25 percent of math and computer science jobs and just 11 percent of engineering careers.

About Reno

Reno, Nevada, courts tech startups priced out of Silicon Valley

Reno, Nevada, a town that built an economy on quickie divorces, is mapping out the second act of its American life.

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