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Advancing Creative Research and Talent Development in Korea

August 1, 2012 | By Microsoft blog editor

Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) recently announced that Microsoft Research Asia will once again be a key partner in the Information Technology Software Creative Research Program, which provides support to world-class researchers in that country. MKE plans to provide matching funds in the amount of five times the expenditures of Microsoft Research Asia (in other words, the ministry provides $5 for every $1 spent by Microsoft Research Asia) on collaborative research projects that are conducted by Korean academia.

 “The collaboration with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea is a significant milestone in creating opportunities for universities to experience world-class research, discover potential talent, and accelerate innovation,” said Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Microsoft Research Asia managing director. “Microsoft Research Asia is committed to providing continuous support for Korean universities and government programs as a driving force in strengthening Korea’s IT competitiveness.”

Sixty Korean academics attended Korean Day on July 3, 2012,
Sixty Korean academics attended Korean Day on July 3, 2012,
at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, China

As part of the program, Microsoft Research Asia offers internships to graduate-level students at its state-of-the-art facilities in Beijing, China. By providing the opportunity to participate in practical research, the internships help participating students improve their professional skills and increase their knowledge. During the first program, which started in September 2010, a total of 10 graduate students were awarded six-month internships at Microsoft Research Asia. Of those 10 students, five went on to participate in a 12-week summer internship program at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington.

“The internship program allowed me to experience and learn the research trends and techniques used at a global company,” said Hyunsun Seo, a 2011 Microsoft Research Asia fellowship winner and intern at Microsoft Research Asia and Redmond. “I used to presume research would be conducted in a manner similar to what I’ve done in school. Now, I have a clear picture about the similarities and differences. This insight will be hugely beneficial and will offer me a distinct edge as I plan my career path after graduation.”

The program has already produced a number of success stories. In its second year, 24 projects were selected out of 54 proposals for research related to topics such as hardware computing, human computing interaction, Internet graphics, Internet media, information retrieval and mining, media computing, wireless and networking, web retrieval and mining, web intelligence, web data management, system, speech recognition, theory, machine learning, and innovative engineering.

The students’ work was on display during the Korean Day event held on July 3 at the Microsoft Research Asia facilities in Beijing, China. Among those attending were 60 Korean academics, including faculty members and students.

Miran Lee, Senior University Relations Manager, Microsoft Research Asia

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