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Azure egress fee waiver for the academic community

May 2, 2016 | Posted by Microsoft Research Blog

By Brian Hillger, Senior Director, C+E Business Planning, Microsoft

Based on Microsoft’s extensive experience engaging and working with the academic community, we strongly believe that educational institutions of all types and sizes can benefit from cloud services, for research as well as for teaching and learning environments. Microsoft also understands the need for academia to better manage costs when transitioning from traditional licensing to a consumption-based model and is always looking for ways to make the transition to the cloud easier for the community.

Academic customers constantly worry about unknown costs and their liability under variable financial structures. One of the concerns we hear most often, is the cost of data egress fees. In order to enable our educational customers to achieve even more with the cloud, we are excited to announce an Internet egress fee waiver for qualified customers in North America and Europe. This makes moving to the cloud a much more predictable expense. Even more importantly, it paves the way for researchers to accelerate the pace of the important work they’re doing.

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