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ICIP 2015: Best Paper Awards

October 6, 2015 | Posted by Microsoft Research Blog

Note: Research News has provided links to papers where available.

Best Paper Award (first place)

Partially Occluded Object Detection by Finding the Visible Features and Parts

By Kai Chi Chan, Alper Ayvaci, and Bernd Heisele

Best Paper Award (second place)

Joint Metal Artifact Reduction and Segmentation of CT Images using Dictionary-Based Image Prior and Continuous-Relaxed Potts Model

By Pengchong Jin, Dong Hye Ye, and Charles Bouman

Best Student Paper Award (first place)

New Parametric 3D Snake for Medical Segmentation of Structures with Cylindrical Topology

By Daniel Schmitter, Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac, Davide Piccini, and Michael Unser

Best Student Paper Award (second place)

Head Pose Estimation Via Probabilistic High-Dimensional Regression

By Vincent Drouard, Silèye Ba, Georgios Evangelidis, Antoine Deleforge, and Radu Horaud

Best Student Paper Award (third place)

Predictive Graph Construction for Image Compression

By Giulia Fracastoro and Enrico Magli

Best Industry Paper

Parallax Rectification for Spectrally-coded Plenoptic Cameras

By Lingfei Meng and Kathrin Berkner (Ricoh Innovations)

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