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July 9, 2014 | By Microsoft blog editor

Tune in to the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

If you are interested in learning about some of the new technologies that Microsoft Research has developed, please join our live, online coverage from the 2014 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit on July 14, 09:00 to 17:30 Pacific Time.

The Faculty Summit is an annual event—this marks our fifteenth year—that brings 350 elite academic researchers to Microsoft’s world headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Here they explore the latest directions and hottest trends in computing with Microsoft researchers from our labs around the world. Our live stream from day one of the summit will bring you selected keynotes and a trove of engaging, thought-provoking interviews with top researchers. And it’s not just a passive experience, as you’ll have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the interviewees.

This year’s opening keynote comes from Harry Shum, executive vice president of the Microsoft Technology and Research group. As the person responsible for driving Microsoft’s overall technical directions—including strategy, policy, and R&D—Harry has a unique perspective on the future of computing. We think you’ll benefit from hearing what he has to say.

After Harry’s keynote, join us for our Research in Focus interview series about cutting-edge developments in online education, computational biology, and the miniaturization of computing devices. You’ll also learn about the research that went into designing Cortana, advances in using biofeedback to improve performance, and new computerized aids for people with paralysis. 

It’s a full day of insights into what’s next in computing. So save the date, because you won’t want to miss this webcast.

—Harold Javid, Faculty Summit General Chair, Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2014

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